Aspen Log Wedding Cake Stand

$ 38.00

This gorgeous cake stand will show off your amazing wedding cake in the grandeur it deserves. 

These are made from beautiful pieces of aspen wood, which has a light colored wood, smooth black and white bark (similar looking to birch), and a very clean look. These stands have been sanded smooth and level, so your cake will be straight and sturdy. These are great for heavy or tall wedding cakes, and will be a focal point on your dessert buffet or cake table that is sure to garner compliments!

These stands come in different diameters and heights. Choose your height and diameter from the drop down menus when ordering. 

What size should I order?

The general rule is that the cake stand should be at least 2" larger in diameter than the bottom tier of the cake. For example, if the cake is 10" diameter, it will look best on a 12" (minimum) diameter stand.

Please note that some aspen slices develop cracks, as you can see in the pictures. However, this does not detract from the functionality of the piece- it is still stable and sturdy. And people will be looking at your cake, anyway!

It's a good idea to use a doily, cardboard, or some barrier between the wood and your cake, just to keep things clean. This stand can be used again and again if kept clean, but shouldn't be washed in water, as the wood is unfinished.

How to Care for your Log Cake Stand:

Store in a cool, dry place, with a some air flow. It's best to store the log on it's bark when not in use. Keep out of the sun, and out of extreme changes in temperature or humidity.

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