Country Chapel weddings grew out of my desire to be able to work from home and create something beautiful. I started making little juniper wood buttons and wood slices for crafts, and it has grown to this! I love the rustic, woodland feel of my products and the fact that I can go out into the forest as part of my job fuels the passion I have for my work.

I work out of my off-the-grid home that I build with my husband (While living in a tent! What an experience!), near beautiful and diverse Flagstaff, Arizona. All my power tools are fueled by solar power. I have two young sons that I am raising, along with some animals and a garden. It's a busy life, but I love it!

I always have new ideas, products, and art I want to create and am thankful for the opportunity to do things with my hands.

All the wood I harvest comes from powerline clear cuttings, tree trimmings, or windfalls, so nothing is cut down just for the sake of profit. I love cutting into a log and seeing what Mother Nature has created for me to show off.

Thank you for stopping by!


Rachel Peterson

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