Our History

Country Chapel Weddings was founded by me(Rachel), with support from my husband(Craig), back in 2014. As a family-owned business, Country Chapel Weddings has our heart and soul in it. We have put so much love into what we do, nurturing it from a tiny seed and watching it grow into what it has become today. We strive to do business with a hard work ethic and a positive mental attitude, which we believe makes not only strong businesses, but also strong partnerships and marriages.

Our Mission

To make your wedding picture-perfect! Nothing would make us more proud than ensuring your wedding looks fantastic. We think the decorations are the best part of the wedding (except the cake!). So if we can help you have fun and be less stressed, that makes us happy. And hopefully it makes you happy too!

Our Values

Artistry, Quality, Reliability, and Responsiveness; this means you get decor that we would be proud to feature at our own wedding, and you can be sure it will be there for your big day. When you reach out to us, we are there to help.


Rachel Peterson

Rachel, my wife, is the creative genius behind Country Chapel. She loves spending time in her "lab" inventing new products, and I am constantly amazed at what she comes up with. She is our visionary, and truly in touch with our customers and their needs. When Rachel isn't designing new decor, she is out playing and exploring in the woods with her family. I couldn't ask for a better business or life partner!

Craig Peterson

Craig, my husband, helps keep me (Rachel) and the business organized. He’s really good at thinking through problems, troubleshooting and brainstorming, and he organizes our inventory and manufacturing systems to keep Country Chapel running like a well-oiled machine. On top of all of this, he’s a super fun dad to our two boys, an adventurous outdoorsman, and a man I’m proud to call my husband and best friend.


Bulk Orders

We understand that when you have 20 tables at a wedding, you need décor in bulk! This is why we offer our items with discounts for quantity ordered. The more you need to buy, the less they cost per piece. That means you don’t have to skimp on details to get the décor of your dreams.

Delivery Guarantee

All our items ship next business day- we know sometimes a cake stand can be overlooked, or you may realize you need another set of votive holders a week before wedding day. We are ready to ship your items last minute to make sure every detail arrives on time for your best day ever.

Personalized Items

We offer a selection of personalized décor, from cake stands to coasters, confetti to candles. Add your name, initials, dates and more to many of our items to really make your wedding day about YOU.