Connie and Jessie's May Wedding - Coral, Greenery, and the Pines, in Flagstaff, Arizona

This was a mother's day wedding that took place here in Flagstaff, Arizona in May. We just got some of the pictures and wanted to show you the gallery! Get inspired with thier oh-so-pretty assortment of coral flowers and greenery, done by the talented florist Foster-Wright Floral Design

Coral and Green Wedding

The wedding took place with a perfect view of the San Francisco Peaks under the Northern Arizona pines.

Coral and Green Wedding Colors

We love how these tables are set up simply, with Country Chapel Aspen wood slices and a single large vase. What keeps the simple from being boring is the different array of flower varieties in each of the vases. 

Wood Slice Wedding Centerpiece

Foster-Wright Floral Design does an amazing job of making eclectic but cohesive boquets. 

Coral Wedding Boquet

Spring Wedding Flowers

Cute Wedding Couple

Aren't these two just too cute?!

Happy Wedding Couple

Coral and Sage Wedding

Wedding Wood Slab Centerpiece

Want to recreate this look for your wedding? We provided the wood slices in the pictures above, and we can make them for you too! Check them out in the link below:

 Country Chapel Aspen Wood Slices

~ Copper Boutonniere Eye Candy ~

The copper trend is one I am fully on board with! The elements from the earth are my favorite materials (wood, stone, metal) and being part metalworker, I love that this pretty medium is in the spotlight. Also, I am an Arizona girl, and Arizona is the Copper State!

Plus, copper can also be easily disguised as Rose Gold, so it fits both wedding themes. What's not to love!?

Even if you don't go all out with copper for your wedding, little touches of it here and there are absolutely beautiful, and can add some shine and sparkle without going full glam. 

So, with that, I put together this little list of copper boutonnieres for your viewing pleasure. Which is your favorite?


1. Little copper antlers!! I want these just to scatter them around my house. I think they are so cute! 

Photo: KristyClaire

2. There's something about these neatly wrapped, whimsical, copper wire boutonnieres that I really like.  

Photo: South Bound Bride

3. Simple and elegant- copper ribbon around baby's breath. A timeless classic.

Photo: Calyn Berry

4. Copper Paper Rose Boutonniere, with Wheat. 

Photo: RachelEmmaStudio

5. If you're gonna do shotgun shells, do them in copper! These are the nicest shotgun shelle boutonnieres I've come across.

Photo: TheSassShop

6. I love the way baby's breath and copper go together.

Photo: Park Crest Floral

7. This one is my favorite. A simple, single flower boutonniere, but with a solid hammered copper Cala lily- this is classy.

Photo: Blue Bouquet


Need more copper eye candy? Planning a copper wedding? Country Chapel Weddings has copper wedding decor for you!

 ~ Copper Cake Stands ~

 ~ Copper Table Number Holders

 ~ Copper Cake Toppers

~ How to Choose the Right Size Cake Stand ~

Cake. I love cake! So let's talk about cake.

The wedding cake is one of the biggest decisions that couples make when planning a wedding. They can spend hours exploring bakeries, tasting cake and frosting samples, working with the baker and cake artist to design their dream cake, often customized for the couple's personalities.

But then what happens? All the cake details are worked out, the cake is paid for, brought to the venue on wedding day for set-up - and what's missing? A cake stand! So many couples make the mistake of forgetting a cake stand for their beautiful cake! A stand can make all the difference in your dessert display. If you are going to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on your amazing cake, it deserves a stand to show it off and complete the package.

I get a LOT of brides contacting me 1 to 2 weeks before their wedding, desperate for a cake stand that they forgot about until the last minute. You don't need the added stress! So plan head: get a cake stand!

Additionally, a cake stand can be used again and again after the wedding long after the cake is eaten. It can be used at parties, anniversaries, for regular serving and dining, or kept as an heirloom.

So are you convinced? Good. Now, how to choose the right SIZE cake stand? I work with a lot of bakeries, and this is the scoop:


The general rule of thumb is to choose a cake stand that is 2" bigger than the bottom tier of your cake, BUT, bigger is better, and leaves room for other little decor details. I'll explain.

Most cakes come on a styrofoam or cardboard cake board that is 2" bigger in diameter than the cake. You want a cake stand that matches the size of the cake board, not the cake. If you have a 3-tier cake with a 10" diameter bottom, and buy a 10" diameter cake stand, your 12" cake board will overhang the stand by an inch all around. This doesn't look great. It won't ruin the wedding, but it won't make great pictures. 

So, if you have a 10" cake, buy a 12" diameter stand.

8" cake: 10" stand

10" cake: 12" stand

12" cake: 14" stand

...and so on

That's the minimum. But if you go even bigger, you, and your baker, and your florist, and your event planner, decorator, designer, coordinator... EVERYONE will be happy that you did, and here's why: more room around the cake looks better. The cake won't overwhelm the stand, and it leaves room for extra finishing touches like flowers or greenery, which will give you a wedding cake display that looks straight out of Pinterest.


Browse the Country Chapel collection of wedding cake stands here.

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