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Suzanne and Jeremy's Wedding • Rain and Shine, We had a Great Time!

Suzanne and Jeremy are a super fun-loving couple who always have smiles on their faces!! The California surfer girl and mountain engineer are an incredible match for each other. They are also close family friends, so I had the pleasure of helping them decorate their September wedding in the pines and aspen trees at the Nordic Village near Flagstaff, Arizona. 

Suzanne is a crafty, capable, DIY girl who planned the wedding herself, and did a super job of preparing,co-coordinating, delegating, and orchestrating, and managing to be a happy, calm, radiant, and excited bride.

The Happy Couple

This pretty venue has yurts and cabins outfitted with wood stoves that guests can stay in, surrounded by a gorgeous forest. A rustic ski lodge for the wedding party to get dressed in compliments the vibe, and aspen trees provide a perfect backdrop for a wedding ceremony.Wedding Party

The Big Day

The day of the wedding was cloudy and brisk. No one from Arizona wants to hope that it doesn't rain. Our 7,000 elevation mountain town is still a high desert, but I will admit that I entertained a small hope that it just wouldn't rain this day. It held off for most of the day, while family and friends pitched in to help decorate and Sharon, the mother of the groom, handed out sandwiches and made sure people stayed hydrated, along with handling small emergencies, like the Baby's Breath Predicament.


As soon as the arch was all decorated with tulle, fabric, and flower sprays, and right when guest started to arrive, the rain started to pour down. But these two families took it in stride, and no one freaked out! And just as it was time for everyone to take their seats, the rain let up, guests dried off their chairs, and the wedding ceremony began!!

Suzanne looked gorgeous, Jeremy was all smiles, and his brother and wife sang a lovely song to commemorate.

Rustic Centerpiece

I loved working with Suzanne to create these centerpieces!! 

Sweetheart Table

It didn't rain for the rest of the evening, and everyone had such a good time! We feasted on BBQ and laughed at a hilarious toast from the Best Man. Along with being in love with each other, the couple shares a love for Blue Bell Ice Cream, and set out an ice cream buffet of various flavors, including Bride's Cake and Groom's Cake, in lieu of a wedding cake.

Dance Floor











And then we all danced and danced and danced the rest of the night! The couple was sent off on electric bicycles to their cabin in the woods, perfectly representing their twin spirits of adventure.


Wedding Send-Off




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