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Should I Hire a Wedding Florist?

Hello wedding people! If you clicked on this post, you are probably in the early stages of planning your wedding, and deciding what tasks to take on yourself, and what to hire out. There are some things that are no-brainers to DIY or hire out, but others may fall in a gray area. 

For some, doing all the florals for a wedding may seem too intimidating to do themselves. For others, it may seem like a challenging but pleasant task that they are willing to take on. I decided to talk to a florist to get the real scoop on what it's like for a bride who is interested in doing her own florals. If you are trying to decide whether to hire a florist, or do your own wedding flowers, hopefully this post can help you decide! And, as always, if you have any questions, leave them in the comments, and we will answer. 

Shawn from Foster-Wright Floral Design has over 20 years experience putting together mind-blowing arrangements for weddings. She is an expert in selecting just the right leaves and blossoms to make stunning, picture-perfect bouquets, arch sprays, and centerpieces.

Rachel: What would the hardest part be for someone who wants to design and put together their own floral wedding arrangements?

Shawn: Bouquets, boutineers, and arches. All these arrangements have a lot of 'mechanics' involved in making them. They need wire, foam, tape, pins, and lots of other unseen equipment to assemble. And aside from needing to look pretty, they need to be able to hold up to lots of movement and activity without falling apart. Plus, they are very time-consuming.

Rachel: What would be some more manageable, easier arrangements for a bride who wants to take part in doing some of the florals, but not all?

Shawn: Centerpieces! And other table decor, like the guestbook table, the bar, or other places that don't require special equipment or 'construction' of an arrangement.

Rachel: When should someone order their flowers?

Shawn: 2 days before the wedding. You will need time to make your arrangements, and it's best to get that done before the wedding day. Also, this gives flowers time to open so they look their best. Recut the bottoms of the stems, and store them in clean water, in a cool place until wedding day.

Rachel: Do you have any other tips for someone who wants to take on this job and do it themselves?

Shawn: Keep it simple so that anyone could step in and help you do it, if necessary. You may have an unexpected problem with your dress come wedding day, and if you can delegate the florals to someone else, you can take care of other problems that arise. Have reference pictures so others can see your design and help you. Design arrangements that can help you avoid last minute crises.

Rachel: Thanks, Shawn!!

If you are a DIY bride, and have questions about florals, leave them in the comments below and we would love to help! Also, check out our related posts from interviews with Shawn that have more great advice.


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