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Interview with a Wedding Florist

As a manufacturer and designer of wedding decorations, I get to work with florists, who are masterminds of putting together gorgeous table centerpieces and important wedding decor details.

I interviewed Shawn from Foster-Wright Floral Design, a local floral designer here in Flagstaff, Arizona, to get some insights into what her job is like, what it's like to be a wedding florist, and get some tips for your brides out there planning your upcoming big day!

(Rachel) Tell us about yourself:

(Shawn): I grew up in a family of floral designers. When I was 9, I started helping my mother and uncle in their flower shop, which began my passion for flowers, the outdoors, and nature.

As my friends began to get married I started designing wedding flowers more and more often, and eventually did the flowers for my own wedding to my husband Stephen in 2012. Shortly after our wedding I decided to focus my life's work on flowers full-time. 

​One of my other passions is my own garden and right now my husband and I are looking for land to start our own farm!

What are your favorite flowers and plants to work with?

My favorite flowers are Dahlias (She has these growing in her yard!). I also like working with more unique stuff like succulents, air plants, uncommon foliage, grasses, berries- textural things. And bringing in other items that aren't floral.

If couples did this one thing, it would make your job easier/smoother:

Trust me! Trust your wedding professionals. They want your wedding to look amazing as well, and are going to work hard to make it a success. We are going to take care of you!

What are the hottest trends in wedding florals right now?

Eucalyptus, greenery garlands, peonies and baby's breath. White weddings, blushes, neutrals, and muted, classic wedding colors have been popular.

What are your predictions for the upcoming wedding trends of 2018?

Similar to what's happening now, but with more metallics coming in, and less earthy.

What is the hardest part of your job?


What is the best part of your job?

Owning my own business, and working with brides- weddings are fun and exciting, and everyone's always happy to talk about flowers! Working with people that really want my services and are excited about it is really fun.

Thank you so much Shawn, for taking the time to answer our questions! You can view her website and a gallery of her past work at www.FosterWrightFloralDesign.com

Along with this bio-interview, Shawn also answered a lot of other questions and gave us some other valuable advice for DIY brides who are thinking about doing thier own wedding florals. Check these related posts below.

Are you a DIY bride considering doing your own florals at your wedding? What questions or concerns do you have about taking on this task? Ask in the comments below and we would love to help!



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